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Donate your skills and time

Children of Tsunami
is not a typically donor-funded or corporate-sponsored media production effort.

True, we are raising funding support from a variety of sources to cover costs -- television is an expensive medium!

But we also value and welcome the donation of skills and in-kind contributions.

TVE Asia Pacific, the originators and promoters of Children of Tsunami, is a small but dynamic non-profit organisation based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, but working across Asia Pacific region. We often rely on the goodwill and support of many like-minded individuals and organisations who share its vision and mission.

From April 2005 to early 2006, we need the following range of skills and expertise from suitable and willing volunteers:

  • Documentation assistance: to check post-production scripts; prepare progress reports; produce a variety of other documents. These are tasks that require the person to be physically present at TVEAP office.
  • Data management support: to keep track of all sorts of things happening as part of the 4-country operation that is underway from February to December 2005 to produce Monthly Video Reports and other media products. Again, requires physical presence at TVEAP office.
  • Website content maintenance: to constantly research and suggest new links; produce journalistically written news reports and updates; generate new web pages and sustain content management of this website. We need both writers and web design/maintenance skills. This work can be done online from anywhere.
  • Distribution and marketing: to produce promotional material; systematically market the media products to broadcast, educational and civil society users; readily respond to enquiries that come in for media products and educational material, etc. This work may be done both on site or from other locations.
  • Fund raising: In particular we need support with our efforts to raise additional funding support from bilateral/multi-lateral donors, grant-making foundations, corporate sponsors and individuals. Proposal writing, lobbying, networking and goodwill introductions will all help. This can be done from wherever you are!

If you would like to donate your time or services, please return this form.

TVE Asia Pacific operates in English, and proficiency in English will be essential.

Those who wish to join our team in Sri Lanka will need to have all their travel and living costs covered from other sources. We prefer a commitment of at least 4 weeks.



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