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What is Children of Tsunami title

Children of Tsunami will have a series of products intended for broadcast television. If you work in the broadcast sector, you can support us by broadcasting these programmes on your channel or network.

A main TV output is called Children of Tsunami - Monthly Video Reports. From February to December 2005, a 5-minute video report will be produced about each child/family every month, offering highlights of their road to recovery after the Tsunami.

Monthly Video Reports are branded by the first name of each participating child. There are 8 video reports per month, for 11 months. Each month’s reports will be released by the middle of the following month, with a standardised intro and extro sequence. They come ready made for broadcast in stand alone format. They may also be combined together with minimal editing.

Monthly Video Reports are in English, produced and post-produced to international broadcast standards. They are available in the following variations:

  • Broadcast masters (PAL) in Betacam SP, DV Cam or MiniDV
  • With texted visuals and fully mixed sound tracks for broadcasting in English
  • With textless (or ‘clean picture’) visuals and separate sound tracks (one for music and effects and the other carrying narration) that easily supports versioning into other languages

Each programme is accompanied by a time-coded post-production script in English.

Click here to view Monthly Video Reports online

Children of Tsunami Monthly Video Reports are being released with no copyright restrictions, and without a license fee. They are available to cable, terrestrial and satellite broadcasters in any part of the world on a non-exclusive basis for any number of broadcasts. Broadcasters are also allowed to version these programmes into local languages at their cost.

TV broadcasters in middle and high income countries will be asked to cover the cost of duplicating master tapes and courier dispatch. These will be invoices before dispatch.

Click here for broadcast licensing agreement

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