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  National and Local Partners  
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Children of Tsunami is made possible by the partnership and support of a growing number of organisations, groups and individuals.

They exist and operate at various levels - local, national, regional and global.

They help us in many different ways. Among these:

  • Enabling ground level access in tsunami-affected areas
  • Logistical advice and support to our production teams on location filming
  • Communications support with tsunami affected persons and communities
  • Analysis and interpretation of information and statistical data
  • Advice on cultural, social and political sensitivities in the countries we work in
  • Interviewing and/or translation skills
  • Verification of information gathered by our production teams
  • Gathering additional photographs and information
  • Promoting our media products with broadcasters, educators and civil society
  • Helping us in generating additional resources to sustain the multi-media project
  • Providing strategic advice on marketing, distribution and promotion

The list is long, varied and most encouraging.

It is truly the power of partnership that enables TVE Asia Pacific and its production teams to continue in this project against many odds.

We acknowledge the support of our many partners.

We alone are responsible for the editorial content and analysis of Children of Tsunami media products.

If you would like to become a partner, contact us