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Children of Tsunami: Guide for educators

When a disaster incident directly affects some people and communities, its impact on others can be substantial. Feelings of anxiety, insecurity and hopelessness are common at such times, especially among children. If neglected, these could lead to a variety of emotional, psychological and social problems. In this context, the role of parents and teachers in reducing the long term consequences of the disaster becomes crucial.

As they cope with the many challenges of rebuilding their shattered lives and livelihoods, the Children of Tsunami tell us their personal stories of anguish and survival, courage and resilience. These testimonies are a mirror that reflects the long and arduous journey back to normalcy for millions of Asians affected.

Some of the issues highlighted include:
  • Changing roles of survivors
  • Dealing with psychological trauma
  • The loss of livelihood opportunities
  • Inadequate shelter / schooling facilities
  • The NGO ‘tsunami’ and the lack of accountability
  • Rigidity of government bureaucracies
  • Abuse of religious rights
    …And many more

The monthly video reports -- as well as the suggested activities -- act as a guide to help understand the tragedy and its aftermath. These activities can be used from primary level up to the college level. It is hoped that these would be instrumental in helping better prepare the next generation to reduce the impact of future disasters.

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Children of Tsunami