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As a non-profit organisation dedicated to communicating on sustainable development and social justice, TVE Asia Pacific works primarily with locally-based journalists and film-makers.

We enable them to tell their own stories to local and global audiences.

Children of Tsunami brings together nationally and regionally working teams sharing a deep interest in amplifying local voices to the global village.

  • Nationally, well experienced and internationally credentialed teams of television producers and journalists will capture and tell the local stories. Monthly visits to the families will result in video reports, while directors will also ‘blog’ their personal impressions on this website. Local NGOs and charities are assisting the filming process in various ways.

  • Regionally, TVE Asia Pacific provides overall editorial and technical guidance, raises financial support and negotiates multiple distribution outlets. It will also forge links with regional or international NGOs and educational networks to create a loyal ‘constituency’ following the stories.

All team members are participating in this non-profit venture with minimal billing for their services.