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What is Children of Tsunami title

Children of Tsunami is an Asia Pacific regional communications initiative tracking how ordinary people rebuild lives and livelihoods after the Asian tsunami disaster.

It is originated, coordinated and managed by TVE Asia Pacific, a regionally operating not-for-profit media organisation engaged in communication for sustainable development.

Asia’s recovery process is being captured through the experiences of eight children and families. This will be done through monthly visits to the same families throughout 2005.

We are covering the four most highly affected countries: India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. In each country, locally based film-makers and journalists will be researching, filming and editing the stories.

Children of Tsunami is a truly multimedia project, with customised outputs on broadcast television, video, web and print media.

These media products will reach wide and varied audiences throughout Asia Pacific, as well as in Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America. We hope to engage TV audiences, educational users and civil society networks.


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