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In its initial response to the Asian tsunami disaster, issued in early January TVE Asia Pacific pledged not to exploit the plight of affected families when documenting and making media products based on their lives.

In keeping with this, Children of Tsunami will strike a careful balance between journalistic interests and the rights of affected persons.

  • We will at all times respect the human rights and communications rights of affected women, men and children. Their participation in our communications initiative is based on prior and informed consent, and is on an entirely voluntary basis.
  • We will not go for big numbers: this initiative will involve only a small number of people. It will stay focused and personalised on eight families. Because they are average families experiencing a shared plight, their stories will reflect the wider reality.
  • By end 2005, we will consult with the participating families, local film-makers and NGO partners to decide whether and how to continue covering the families further.
  • We will at all times remain responsive to the economic, cultural, environmental, gender and other factors and sensitivities in the communities we work with. There will be no dramatisation, and no manipulation of what happens and what is documented.