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Children of Tsunami combines communications processes and media products. We place a high value on both -- for us, the end does not justify the means.

Here are some of the communications processes that we will put into practice as we produce TV, video, online and print content.

  • Enabling tsunami affected families to articulate their views, concerns and aspirations as they work to recover and rebuild
  • Especially enabling children to have their own voice - to share what they are going through and what they hope for
  • Allowing local journalists and film-makers to follow the rebuilding and recovery efforts of chosen families
  • Creating local, national, regional and global media platforms for these stories to be disseminated to a wide and varied audience
  • Giving local, regional and global audiences a close-up view of how ordinary people are coping with the tsunami’s aftermath
  • Personalising statistics, and adding a human face to the post-tsunami national/global aid pledges and recovery plans



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